07 September 2013

Wrapping up the documentation

Our Comenius project is coming to its end.

The brochure has been published - it contains all the mobilities (the diary entries about the project weeks which you can also find in this blog) plus the additional activities at all five partner schools. It can also be accessed online (in PDF format): S4T_Brochure_English.pdf

Likewise, the collection of scripts for the performances has been finished - and it is also available online (PDF): S4T_Script_complete.pdf

The DVD, containing all the performances, slideshows, footage from the workshops plus interviews or statements from the project teachers, has been finished as well. It is not downloadable, of course, but most of the material is available via our YouTube channel.

As you may have noticed, there are now reports about the five project weeks in the national languages of the countries where they took place (see sidebar/right, second half of the "Pages"):

We hope that this may be appreciated by parents or friends of the project participants' whose English is not quite good enough (yet) to understand the English documentation.

Under the heading "S4T Links", the sidebar offers quite a few more links now, because the videos have been grouped into playlists, and there is also an annotated collection of the performances at Themeefy.com.


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