05 January 2012

Stay in Poland

Sunday, 2011-10-16
On the first day we arrived in Chojnice and met our host families. They showed us their town and the lake "Charzykowskie" close by.

Monday, 2011-10-17
On Monday we had the drama workshop which took place in the "Culture House" of Chojnice". We got to know our tutor Grzegorz Szlanga, an actor from Gdansk. He was given a hard task. He had to teach us, a group of 39 pupils from five different countries, the basics about acting, and to prepare a performance with us in only three days. So we started directly.
At first the tutor explained and showed us the basis for an actor's work. He taught us how to breathe properly and how to use our voice in order to be understandable for everyone.
We also played games to practice showing our feelings. At first we walked around and when Grzegorz said "stop" we had to stop, choose an emotion and freeze in it.
After lunch we did a sightseeing tour of Chojnice, where we visited the town hall and met the mayor. After that we saw the Late-Baroque Church of Holy Virgin Mary Annunciation and the market place.

Tuesday, 2011-10-18
On the second day of the drama workshop we began with the emotions game. In addition we learned how to work with our partners. Then we had to build three groups with people from different countries. In these groups we used our imagination to create our new nations with their names, inhabitants, religions, currency, flags, hymn, government and traditions. For our new nation we had to devise a ceremony that is connected with it and how to play it on stage.
In the afternoon we went for a hike in the nature around Chojnice and a river called Brda.

Wednesday, 2011-10-19
On the third day we practiced our ceremonies and Grzegorz gave us tips how to play them better. After our scenes were improved we performed them together (a funeral, a wedding and a coronation) and when the three groups clashed there was a conflict which resulted in a battle. But in the end charity prevailed and we all wanted to have peace at home and in the world. We recorded this on video.
In the evening we went bowling with our new friends.

Thursday, 2011-10-20
We went on a trip to Gdansk. On our way we first stopped at a museum in Szymbark. There we baked bread and were surprised about an upside-down house. In Gdanks, we visited another museum, "The Road to Freedom", which documents the final years of communism and how it was overthrown peacefully by the Solidarnosc movement - a very impressive experience.
Afterwards we did a little bit of sightseeing. The Italians and the Romanians stayed at a hotel in Gdansk because their planes left very early in the morning.

Friday, 2011-10-21
Our last few hours in Chojnice: It was really hard to say goodbye to all our new friends! What we realized was that Polish people are very hospitable and friendly.
So we were glad that we visited Poland and we hope that we will meet all the nice people again.

What students said:
An Italian guy: "I won't forget the walk in the forest. We liked singing together while walking!"
A Turkish boy: "I really liked the churches in Poland!"
A Turkish boy: "I liked the friendhsip there and I improved my English"
A Romanian girl: "I really loved the food!"