07 November 2011

Project week #1: Chojnice, Poland

Our first project week (16 to 21 Oct. 2011) in Chojnice was a fantastic start to "Spotlights for Tolerance".
Here is a picture of all the students and teachers from Poland, Romania, Turkey, Italy and Germany; we are standing in front of the Chojnice town hall. The weather was brilliant - as always (in Chojnice, anyway).

If you click on "Project week #1: Chojnice" in the "Pages" menu at the top right (or right here), you will get to the reports on our week in Poland plus video of the final performance.

And here is video put together by our Polish partners, a combination of slideshows and videoclips:

03 October 2011

Material for Kick-Off Presentation

This presentation (put together at prezi.com) gives everybody a pretty detailed idea of what this project is about. Partner schools may use it for informing staff, students and parents, and everybody else who is curious enough can watch it too, of course.
Click the play button in the middle to start. If you'd like to switch to fullscreen mode, click on "More" and then "Fullscreen".

12 July 2011

Good News: All applications accepted!

The five national agencies involved in examining our project application obviously found it convincing. All five of them rated it highly enough for all of us to be accepted for funding by the EU.
This means: Our project can take place!



17 January 2011


If you click on the button labeled "GUESTMAP" in the right margin, you can see where on the map our partner schools are (enlarge the window to see them all at once).

We are all of us looking forward to get to know each other.