23 November 2010

Project invitation

Welcome to our project blog!

Please have a look at the PDF document I've put together as an invitation to our Comenius project (maybe you want to download it first, as it is rather large - 1,3M):

Comenius Invitation

S4T: Spotlights for Tolerance

The main points are:
We want to develop theatrical scenes highlighting the destructive power of prejudice and the importance of tolerance and friendship, cultural diversity and communication; this will involve
• writing scenes/choosing literature/improvising
• putting together a brochure
• setting up an exhibition
• meeting and playing together on stage and in workshops
• discussing the topic - and much more

The project phase is 2011-2013. Our pupils are mainly 16 years old.
We are a secondary school for girls, funded by the Diocese of Regensburg, situated in the town centre of Amberg (45.000 inhabitants), approx. 50 km east of Nuremberg, Germany.
Our school's homepage contains more information about subjects and projects (mostly in German):
The main project language will be English, although we'll try hard to learn at least a few words in *your* language, too :)

All schools from countries which can be part of a Comenius project (as defined here) are welcome!